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Quertum are Proud to Partner Multi-Award Winning Global Customer Communications and Experience technology provider - Quadient.

Quertum has the largest team of highly skilled accredited Quadient developers in the regions we operate in.  Quertum, therefore, is ideally placed to deliver in-depth knowledge of its markets and enables Quadient customers to better align its products and services to meet current regulations and best practices in force within our region. 



Quertum, with our partners Quadient, supports hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide in their quest to create relevant, personalised connections and achieve customer experience excellence.


Quertum has the largest team of highly skilled, accredited Quadient developers within the regions we operate in, outside of Quadient itself. 


Our team has great experience across the Quadient Inspire suite including Designer, Automation, Scaler, Interactive, Dynamic Communications and CJM.


Quertum can support your Quadient projects across all areas including Configuration, Installation, Migration, Upgrade and BAU production environments.

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