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The policy: This privacy policy notice is for this website; and served by Joisto Quertum UK Ltd, Unit 2, Ash House, Tanshire Park, Shackleford Road, Elstead, Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom, GU8 6LB and governs the privacy of those who use it. The purpose of this policy is to explain to you how we control, process, handle and protect your personal information while browsing or using this website, including your rights under current laws and regulations.

Policy key definitions:

  • "I", "our", "us", or "we" refer to the business, [Business name & other trading names].

  • "you", "the user" refer to the person(s) using this website.

  • GDPR means General Data Protection Act.

  • PECR means Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation.

  • ICO means United Kingdom Information Commissioner's Office.

  • Cookies mean small files stored on a user’s computer or device.

  • GIODO means The Bureau of the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data in Poland

Processing of your personal data

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we control and / or process any personal information about you electronically using the following lawful bases.

  • Sales of solutions, products and services to customers – contractual obligation

  • Maintaining our accounts and records – contractual obligation

  • Legal or Enforcement (Security + prevention and detection of crime – legal obligation

  • Outward Marketing communications – legitimate interests

  • Requests for information, marketing collateral etc. – your consent to allow us to fulfil your request

  • Research activity we might undertake is covered by our legitimate interest

If, as determined by us, the lawful basis upon which we process your personal information changes, we will notify you about the change and any new lawful basis to be used if required. We shall stop processing your personal information if the lawful basis used is no longer relevant.

Your individual rights

Under the GDPR your rights are as follows. You can read more about your rights in details here;

  • the right to be informed;

  • the right of access;

  • the right to rectification;

  • the right to erasure;

  • the right to restrict processing;

  • the right to data portability;

  • the right to object; and

  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

  • You also have the right to complain to the UK ICO ( ), GIODO - The Bureau of the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data in Poland ), The Finnish Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman ( ) or any other relevant national body if you feel there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.

We handle subject access requests in accordance with the GDPR.

Internet cookies

When you visit our web pages, we will download a small file called a “cookie” to be stored on your computer’s web browser. This helps us personalise your web experience and remember you when you return and want to continue a task.

Our cookies provide us with non-personal statistical information about what you do on the website, for example: the duration of time a page was viewed, common paths taken through the site, data on screen settings and other general information. We may also collect information about what other websites you visit after ours. We use this data to improve the services on our site and to improve your experience of using our website.

Data security and protection

We ensure the security of any personal information we hold by using secure data storage technologies and precise procedures in how we store, access and manage that information. Our methods meet the GDPR compliance requirement.


Transparent Privacy Explanations

We have provided some further explanations about user privacy and the way we use this website to help promote a transparent and honest user privacy methodology.

Sponsored links, affiliate tracking & commissions

Our websites may contain links to customer and affiliate sites outside the group. Quertum is not responsible for the privacy and security of these sites. It is the sole decision of the user to determine if they wish to use any of these links. This privacy policy applies only to Quertum.

Email marketing messages, newsletters & subscriptions

Under the GDPR we use the consent lawful basis for anyone subscribing to our newsletter or marketing mailing list. We only collect certain data about you, as detailed in the "Processing of your personal data" above. Any email marketing messages we send are entirely controlled by ourselves and do not involve any 3rd party suppliers.

Email newsletters and marketing messages that we send do not contain tracking beacons / tracked clickable links or similar server technologies.

Any newsletters and email marketing messages we send are in accordance with the GDPR and the PECR. You may withdraw your consent (unsubscribe) or manage your preferences / the information we hold about you at any time by using the contact information detailed on the foot of this document.

We hold the following information about you within our system;

  • Email address

  • Subscription time & date

Correcting, erasing and requesting access your data

If you believe that any of the data we hold about you is incorrect or being misused, or want further information you may contact us.

You may also gain access to the data we hold on you by contacting us.

You have the right to ask us to remove your data from all of our systems. As long as there is not a compelling reason not to do this (e.g. a live contractual obligation) we will implement your request.

You may also contact us and request that we restrict the processing we perform with your data.

Please address requests to: Craig Prince, Joisto Quertum UK Ltd, Unit 2, Ash House, Tanshire Park, Shackleford Road, Elstead, Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom, GU8 6LB, email: Tel: +44 7757 968116

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